About us

We know everything store owners dream about

We’re a team of experts, based in Ukraine, and we’ve developed e-commerce products and provided support services for 4000 online store owners. We’re focused on WordPress and WooCommerce technology as it fits well into our concept of working with really effective e-commerce software.

Making the good great, we started the development of our own brand new WooCommerce-based toolkit. It’s not just a few plugins working together well, but extended functionality to help you launch an online store on any scale. Read more on how we came to this on our blog.

We trust Woocommerce. And make it better

The basic WooCommerce toolkit meets most demands of the effective online store, and most features can be powered by well-known plugins and addons available on the market, although there’s a number of features for more sophisticated solutions that have to be developed from scratch, tested and checked for compatibility and response times.

While working on our product we’ll be researching and testing all the best available plugins and developing new features to launch an e-commerce toolkit, both super compatible and super fast. No more bloat, bugs or performance bottlenecks!

Please follow this project on our blog and share useful information with the community and those who would like to develop either a powerful e-commerce enterprise or just a small store selling local handmade goods.Join us on this journey! In the end, we’ll deliver a ready-to-sell software for an online store which will include a full list of features (check the table here), perform reliably, ensure scalability and high response times for your online business. Security and updatability guaranteed!