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The main function is to distribute the right to taxation of companies and people who earn money across borders and to distribute this tax between two states. Mauritius Revenue Authority: Double Taxation Convention The Authority provides a list of tax information treaties and conventions currently in force that are awaiting ratification, awaiting signature and are under negotiation. Highlights of current tax treaties are given and the full text of each contract is available for download. In addition, Australia and Mauritius have signed a tax exchange and information agreement. The following territories have agreements with Mauritius, but the treaties are awaiting ratification: tax experts and academics expect a long-term domino effect on contractual renegotiations across Africa, after Senegal and Zambia denounce their double taxation treaties with Mauritius and countries would like to maximize their tax rights. Today, the World Bank and the IMF are much more skeptical because they have seen the evidence. The OECD is now promoting a range of international agreements and initiatives, including only part of tax treaties. Mauritius: PwC`s Global Tax Reviews Detailed Guide, which covers a wide range of corporate and personal tax issues, an overview of important developments and quick charts showing the main current tax rates and maturity dates. Previous spending on corporate tax, dating back to 2010, is also available. To learn how to borrow books from the library, check out our guide to lending books. You will receive copies of articles or extracts from books and reports by post, fax or e-mail via our document delivery service. I do not call them double taxation treaties. I call them tax treaties.

Indeed, helping companies avoid double taxation is not really the main thing they do. The key they are doing is turning a number of corporate tax standards developed among the rich OECD countries into a tough and enforceable right. This often doesn`t seem to work very well for African countries. A list of countries with which Mauritius has concluded a double taxation agreement (DTT) can be found in the “Withholding taxes” section of the business summary. For similar reasons, the DBA with Indonesia was adopted on 1 January 2005, following the resignation of the Indonesian government in 2004 and the refusal to discuss the issue. No negotiations are currently under way between Mauritius and Indonesia. In August 2009, India declared that it was reworking its double taxation treaties, in particular those concluded before 2004. Their aim is to renegotiate the provisions on combating abuse. The following countries have ratified double taxation treaties with Mauritius: This helps to understand why they are signed, but perhaps also why developing countries are reluctant to tear up the boat if their tax treaties are abused…

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