Software Pilot Agreement Template

This payment agreement is entered into by and between SAMPLE TAX-EXEMPT INSTITUTION NAME (“TAX-EXEMPT”) and the Municipality of Milwaukee, a municipal entity in Wisconsin (“CITY”), effective 5.1.1. Each party owns its background intellectual property rights and the other party does not acquire any rights in such background intellectual property rights or other intellectual property rights belonging to the other party. if it already exists or has been established during the term of this Agreement. (the “Law”), TDG OPERATIONS, LLC, a limited liability company in Georgia (the “Company”), and MURRAY COUNTY, GEORGIA (the “County”), a county in the State of Georgia (the issuer, the company and the county, a “party” or, together, the “parties”). The BOARD OF TAX ASSESSORS OF MURRAY COUNTY (the “Board of Assessors”) and the TAX COMMISSIONER OF MURRAY COUNTY (the “Tax Commissioner”) each provide a confirmation annexed to this Agreement in order to recognize their respective agreements with the provisions of this Agreement applicable to them, but they are not considered parties. This Agreement is hereinafter referred to by and between Air Atlantic as the agreement and the pilots in the service of Air Atlantic, entered into and entered into by the Air Atlantic Pilots Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association. . . .

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