Asean Tourism Agreement Adalah

AT THE Seventh ASEAN Summit, on 4 November 2001 in Brunei Darussalam, DECIDED to conclude an ASEAN Tourism Agreement, (1) to extend the visa-free regime for nationals of ASEAN member countries travelling to the region on the basis of bilateral visa waiver agreements between Member States which are prepared to do so; (9) promoting investment opportunities in the ASEAN tourism sector; Phase 4 of the program was implemented between October 27 and November 27, 2019. 80 tourism professionals from Southeast Asia took a one-month full-time course at the Russian State University of Tourism and Services Studies (RSUTS). The course included advanced Russian language training as well as cultural and historical studies. Students have also acquired the necessary skills to organize guided tours and provide quality tourism services. (4) establish an integrated network of tourism and travel services to maximise the complementarity of the region`s tourist attractions; Member States shall cooperate in the development of human resources in the tourism and travel sector: (10) by cooperating in the use of information technology in the ASEAN tourism and travel sector; and DETERMINED to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of ASEAN tourism services, Member States shall conduct ongoing negotiations on trade in tourism services, in accordance with the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services. . . .

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