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If a property owner wants to sell their property and intends to provide the financing to the buyer, unlike the buyer who gets a traditional mortgage, the parties can use a contract for a certificate. This is also called a land contract and is used to sketch out the terms of their agreement. A deed agreement contract can be useful for home buyers who cannot benefit from traditional financing. It`s also useful for homeowners who might want to make a quick sale or acquire a monthly income. Tripartite agreement/convention A land development or construction agreement is usually concluded in accordance with the 1872 convention, which creates rights and interests on land when registered. A person may become the owner of immovable property through sale or purchase, mortgage, leasing, exchange, Heba, will, gift, accusation, succession, attribution, unfavorable possession, judicial decree, power of attorney, agreements or other forms of transfer, as set out in the Transfer of Property Act, 1882. Any transfer of immovable property must be registered in accordance with the Registration Act 1908. Bangladeshi brokers or developers started with this mistake to deprive the owner of the land of power and develop the property by building housing or housing and sign an agreement to share the apartment or apartment between the landowners and developers. This was for the purpose of circumventing public taxes. It is still in practice and now becomes legal under the Powers Act 2012. Brokers carry with them an irrevocable power of attorney (RIGPA) registered with the Office of Sub-Registers, as well as a sharing and sale agreement. As part of an irrevocable power, the lawyer or the relators or developers have granted many rights that remain in effect even after the death of the executor or the annulment of the power of attorney. The layout plan, the approval of the relevant authorities, the planning of the construction, etc., are also important for housing or housing.

Assam e-Stamp paper can be used for all transactions on which stamp duty must be paid. Such an instrument includes all transfers of documents such as leases, mortgages, exchange descriptors, deeds of gift, deeds of assignment, instruments of sale, deeds of division, leases, holidays, licensing agreement and power of attorney. The advantages of using Assam e-Stamp Paper are explained in detail below: 3. The incongruity in the description of the property in the deed of sale and the transfer certificate does not amount to producing false documents. No one has the right to initiate legal proceedings against you unless it is violated in some way, for example. B if he has entered into an agreement to purchase the property and a misrepresentation has been made to him. In any case, management shall be ensured by mutual agreement between the two partners. . . .

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