What Is Collection Account Agreement

The account management agreement must be signed before the payment of the first tranche of Eurimages` assistance. For low-budget films, Eurimages may also require investigative accounts on a case-by-case basis. Manufacturers may retain the services of a recognized independent collection office, provided Eurimages has agreed. Below is a list of the collection agents eurimages has already collaborated with. Since January 2009, eurimages-funded projects with a budget of 3 million euros or more have been needed to create an independent production collection account with a collection company. This selling part will result in (1) all products from all lock boxes being deposited directly by a collection bank into a collection account and (2) each lock-box and collection deposit account will be subject at any time to a collection account contract that is fully in effect and effective. The Servicer executes a collection account contract at any time in the form of Schedule VI with each bank that participates in a collection account. In the event that an authorized signatory of the seller whose signature appears on a collection account contract no longer has this power before the notification is transmitted, this collection communication is nevertheless valid as if that power had remained in force. ..

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