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If you hope to provide a service provided on a Buyers website, site visits are an essential opportunity to obtain detailed and relevant information that could give the decisive advantage to your offer. Don`t think of it as an exercise in vain, but as an opportunity to get the better of your suppliers. If you ask smart questions, pay attention to the environment and put as much information as possible into your bid, you will find that the quality of your tenders can grow exponentially. Depending on the area you are bidding for, site visits may or may not be an integral part of the tender. If you work in construction, energy, facility management or other areas, site visits are incredibly important for the following reasons: Site visits are part of the tendering process. This includes visiting the website on which you wish to provide your services in order to obtain detailed information. Government of Canada tenders, tenders and tenders are available free of charge and without registration on, a relevant location for GC tenders. Pre-Tender Optional Site Visit and Information Session, Main Construction Manager, Giant Mine (EW702-141166/E) – List of Interested Suppliers There are some things that can happen as a result of a successful site visit. You may have received this notification or tender premium through a third party. The Canadian government is not responsible for reports and/or related documents and annexes that are not directly accessible through

Happiness favours the prepared. Before you go to the site, make sure you have covered the following: To find tender opportunities in your area, you can see our sector tender portals HERE. Want to learn more about tenders and purchases? See Tender VLE for our free, online, Masterclasses. Important: the LIS for a given tender does not replace or affect the tendering procedures applicable to contracting. Companies remain required to respond to supply requests and compete on the basis of defined auction criteria. For more information, please see the list of terms of use of interested suppliers. Are you looking for partner opportunities or are you thinking about commandments? Find out who is interested in the tender and add your name to the list of interested suppliers. If you need help understanding the federal acquisition process or registering as a supplier, contact the small and medium-sized business office. We have a network of offices across Canada. The following statistics are only available for the English page and are provided close to real time.

To calculate the total activity of a tender, you must add the English and French statistics. In some areas, yes. On-site visits are not a universal aspect of the tender. You may find on a tender that it is mandatory to participate in an on-site visit, for another that it is optional and for another, it is not offered as an opportunity. This is another reason to read the tender documents carefully. Not all tender documents are created in the same way. Information about potential visits to the website can be buried in an unlikely section of your documents.

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