West Ada School District Negotiated Agreement

Look back Wednesday morning with Idaho Education News to get full coverage of Tuesday night`s school board meeting. At a press conference announcing his resignation, Clark said, “At a board meeting, a director said, “If you want to keep your legacy, you better have an exit strategy,” and another attorney said, “I want you to leave now.” Her lawyer worked with the school`s management lawyer before she was announced to find a solution. Clark said this was no longer possible as a result of the board`s latest offer. “For embarrassment, the board would require me to play “beautiful” for the next two weeks and retire the day after the tax,” Clark said. She stated that she did not want to resign before the vote on November 3, 2015, but that the offer had changed her mind. “I refuse to be dishonest with the community for a few thousand dollars,” Clark said. [7] From 1993 to 2013, the West Ada School District had an average of $161,409,333 in revenue and $156,796,190 in expenses, according to the U.S. Census Bureau`s survey on school system finances. The district had an annual average of $139,752,429 in unpaid debt. The District withdrew $17,239,714 from its debt and issued an annual average of $23,025,952. [10] In the letter, Roberts points out that the agreement negotiated between the school district and the West Ada Education Association defines sick leave as an absence “caused by an illness or physical disability.” Responding to Clark`s resignation and the back-and-forth between management and the superintendent, Rob Winslow, executive director of the Idaho School Administrators Association, said, “I am disappointed with this series of attorneys and this unfolding drama.” He said that these kinds of problems between school district principals should never unfold as publicly as in West Ada.

[33] Recall`s supporters expressed frustration that the district had not developed a plan for students in grades 6 to 12 to learn full-time. The school district began the 2020-2021 school year with a week of pure education in September in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. After this first week, the district allowed students from all classes to attend school part-time. Primary school students have gradually moved to full-time education. [12] [16] The vote on the repeal of Clark`s contract came after a school district attorney informed the Board that his initial vote on the contract extension, which had taken place on June 23, 2015, had violated the Idaho Open Meeting act because it had not been on the agenda.

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