Uptime Agreement

Host 1 – Offers a 99.5% operating time guarantee in its ALS. You automatically use all credits earned on your account if the server doesn`t increase by 99.5% for a given month. The host calculates downtime per minute and publicly reports every minute of downtime to all users and the network in general. Whether you know, whether the server is off or not, you will receive the promised credits. Management elements should include definitions of standards and methods of measurement, reporting processes, content and frequency, a dispute resolution procedure, a compensation clause to protect the client from third-party disputes arising from breaches of service (which should already be included in the contract) and a mechanism to update the agreement if necessary. As a precondition for obtaining a credit or refund, creditors often require customers to report a service availability problem within a specified time frame, which can range from a few days to a month. In addition, lenders may impose specific requirements, such as a credit or repayment application (for example. B via the provider`s portal or to a specific email address). When certain requirements are made, clients should strive to establish an internal mechanism to monitor the lender`s working time requirement and report problems to the creditor. The most common way for a borrower who misses his operating time obligation is a repayment or credit for future bills. Repayment or credit is generally structured as a percentage of royalties over a period of time (for example. B month or quarter). A lender can indicate, for example.

B, that a debitor is entitled to a fixed percentage of credit or repayment for each percentage less than its availability obligation (for example. B 1% of the fee for every 0.5% below the availability requirement). As a general rule, repayment or credit is limited to a fraction of the fees paid during the relevant assessment period (for example. B 10% or 15%). Host 3 – Offers a 99% guarantee of operating time. To get the warranty, your servers have to break down for 5 consecutive hours. In other words, the host could break down for 2 hours on Monday, 3 hours on Friday and 4 hours on Sunday, and you would not qualify for automatic guarantee credits. However, they explain that if you send them documented downtime in writing and allow them to compare your results with their minutes, and they match, then you will receive your credit. Availability is the same as operating time. It is often measured by “Nines.” Let`s see how they lead to downtime for 30 days: some of the web hosting companies offer a service level contract. It indicates the level of availability guaranteed.

If the web host does not provide this operating period, you are entitled to refunds or hosting credits. Use our service computer to quickly see if your provider has delivered. Please note that no provider has 100% long-term operating time.

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