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For EFTA-Peru trade statistics, see EFTA Trade Statistics Tool The Pacific Alliance is Peru`s second regional organization. Chile, Colombia and Mexico are also members. It was created in 2011 by the Lima Declaration. The aim of this organisation is to promote regional integration, growth, development and competitiveness in the area. This organization aims to create a new FTZ (free trade area) to stimulate trade not only in goods, but also in services, capital and people. This organization is close to peru`s heart because it offers direct access to a huge market for new consumers. As far as we can tell, so that from 2015 on, all barriers to trade between the four countries have been removed. The organization also highlights the importance of the Asia-Pacific region, which offers new business opportunities in Peru. It is internationally recognized as the world`s sixth largest economy and 36% of Latin America`s GDP. Thanks to the Peruvian Pacific alliance, Peru has attracted a lot of foreign interest and thus foreign direct investment, which has proved very beneficial to its economy. Below we will outline the bilateral agreements in Peru around the world, so that you the European Union is a crucial market to which Peru must have access.

A free trade agreement was signed in 2013, allowing Peru direct access to more than 490 million consumers, as the EU itself grants free trade between member states. The EU is a fantastic market for Peruvian products, requiring the production of asparagus, avocados, coffee, fruit and other agricultural products. After seeing the many free trade agreements that Peru has with its neighbouring countries, you may be thinking about doing business, marketing your goods or meeting new customers there. There are different business structures in Peru that you might want to keep in mind if you are thinking about starting a business there. Biz Latin Hub sadvice would be for you to seek the help of a commercial lawyer in Peru if you are interested in trading in the country. This way, you can be sure to follow the rules. Free trade agreements do not necessarily mean that you have to do less paperwork for your goods than before. In fact, it is often the opposite. This also applies to business creation.

Peru has complex legal and accounting regulations that Peruvian lawyers and accountants are fully aware of, so you invest more safely with the help of a company that has experience in the market, it is the largest organization in the world when it comes to trading. Peru has been a member of the WTO since its inception in 1995. The rules governing trade between almost all countries of the world are discussed within this institution. Peru is located in the 164 largest trading nations in the world. So far, all trade agreements with the WTO have been ratified by Peruvian national law. Peru is well represented all over the world. The agreement contains detailed provisions on trade facilitation and mutual assistance in customs matters (Annex VI and VII). The CPFTA facilitates the establishment of free trade, the creation of economic development opportunities, the removal of trade barriers and the promotion of fair competition.

Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) Text: The full text of the agreement. Environmental protection obligations and cooperation: the agreement requires contracting parties to effectively enforce their own national environmental laws and to adopt, maintain and implement laws, regulations and all other measures necessary to meet these obligations. The “Environment” chapter contains a groundbreaking annex to forest sector management, which discusses the environmental and economic consequences of trade with respect to illegal logging and the illegal trade in wild animals.

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