Which Australian Politician Signed The Lima Agreement

In keeping with what you wrote at TrueBlue, I thought the same thing when I read the comment “except Pauline”, which shows that her only interest is for Australia and the Aussie people, but she is there for herself. People are too easily led and blinded without controlling themselves who supports who and what and where the money goes. Mike, the first time I discovered the painting many years ago, I discovered the “basic deception” that I found through the CIR and that I separated for my grandchildren in my will, and I thank you for that. Your article on treason gives us so much more information about why – how … It`s very informative… and think that Whitlam was my hero in the 70s. A man can be wrong. (Rhetoric, I know.) The point I would like to make here is that at the time of fundamental fraud, I followed many reformers, none of whom had any fruit. (I would be happy to say that I forced one by one the “Commonwealth Parliament” to commit suicide using the signature queens in facsimile on his documents.) We are now in a situation where they put us at the ball.

The most recent example: – Fined for riding my bike in a “bus track only”. All the letters of “Aussie Speeding Fines” were returned in vain. SDRO just canceled my Rego. Caught in the act of driving without Rego, he pays $1,000 or goes to jail. So, Mike, if all these others fail, what makes you think your movement can correct the situation of an illegal government? I would like to join your movement, but as your site gives us what you want, I would like to take a step by step on how you will actually achieve your goals. You`ve given yourself a monumental task. I wish you good luck, where everyone has failed. That is not necessarily true. The Aussies loved their Holdens, Fords and Valiants… All designed and manufactured here. Then came the Lima agreement and it became cheaper to produce abroad.

Of course, the unions helped, but it was the Lima agreement and our treacherous governments that destroyed our nation. Australia`s political parties have signed these treaties to undermine Australian sovereignty and give them almost unlimited power to dictate our lives. If we want to change the system, we need a plan. Advance Australia has a five-step plan to change the structure of our government, make political parties irrelevant and put power back in the hands of the people. The Lima Declaration calls on developed countries to remove barriers to trade with developing countries and promote their industrial exports. They are invited to restructure their industries to send production capacity to developing countries and expand technical assistance programmes. They are also invited to cooperate to ensure that the activities of transnational enterprises meet the economic and social objectives of the developing countries in which they operate. They are also encouraged to avoid discriminatory and aggressive action against states that exercise regal rights over their own natural resources. All of these recommendations are controversial to varying degrees.

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